August 30, 2010

Meme Monday: Stranded on a Desert Island…

Filed under: Memes — liberrydwarf @ 12:09 pm

1. List 5 people you’d want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island -First off, definitely my husband, as useless as he’d be. Then I’d want a medical professional of some sort, because there’s to be no dying on my island unless absolutely unpreventable! Then I’d probably want three of the less annoying Scouts in my scout group, since they’re all up with making shelters, fires, cooking, etc. And for the most part they’re pretty nice kids. Let’s just hope it’s not too small an island…

2. What 4 cds would you want with you (supposing you had a boom box)? – Ugh, what is it with memes and CDs? See the music meme from a couple of weeks ago… if it had to be CDs, I’d have pre-burned as much stuff as I could from my collection to 4 CDs, and just have that baby on continuous shuffle…

3. What 3 survival items would you want to bring? – Satellite phone/radio. Reinforced watertight marquis tent. At least 2 shovels. (To be honest, if I was organised enough to have all this stuff with me, I wouldn’t be stranded in the first place would I? But never mind, for the sake of the meme, continue…)

4. What 2 food/beverage items would you miss the most? – Chocolate, for sure. And probably pizza.

5. What is the 1 thing you’d miss the least? – The morning work commute 🙂


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