August 27, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Courses, Collections and Constitutions

Filed under: Australia, Education, Librarian, Politics — liberrydwarf @ 11:59 am

1) One Good Thing: got to sit down with the course coordinator for the course I’m lecturing in from next week, and not only did she move my class forward to 3-6pm so I can get home in time, she also gave me complete teaching notes for each week! Down to 5 minute intervals! So I pretty much just have to show up and talk! Easiest $35 an hour ever!

2) One Bad Thing: On the collection development front at my library: I’ve been behind in orders (which I maintain is not my fault because now we have to buy stupid eBooks and can’t use our own money so I never get to spend mine!) and now have to find $9000 worth of books to buy before Wednesday. And I’ve run out of publishers to check. *gulp* think I might be in trouble!

3) One Thing I’ve Learned: far more about the Australian political system, Westminster system and the Constitution than I ever thought possible. And I thought I was reasonably well-informed because I’d done Constitutional Studies at highschool. Hurry up and make your minds up, independents – we’re all sick of it now!


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