August 20, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Air Activities, Agony and Apple

Filed under: I.T, Librarian, Scouts — liberrydwarf @ 6:59 pm

Last chance to breathe before election fever!

1) One Good Thing: took my little Scout kids out to the airport at Archerfield for an activities day – they painted stuff, built stuff, played games, read stories, raced around in sparkly silver outfits pretending to be clouds… and all I had to do was hand out the paintbrushes and drink tea, someone else did all the work. Days like this, being a Scout leader is awesome!

2) One Bad Thing: I keep hearing rumours that my library branch (well, one of the two that I work in) is going to close. It’s not a huge life-changing-job-threatening kind of problem, as my permanent position is in my other branch, so I’m not going to lose my job or anything. It’s just upsetting, as there’s nothing concrete either way from the management to set us straight, and not only is it making it hard to plan for coming months, but it makes it hard to have any enthusiasm about the rest of the year at all. *wails* I feel so undervalued and in the dark!

3) One Thing I Learned: Far, Far, Far too much about how different and difficult and stupid Endnote is on an Apple laptop. Why we don’t have seperate Endnote classes for Mac users is beyond me (though it’s probably segregation and discrimination and illegal…)

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