August 3, 2010

Friday Wrapup and Monday Meme in one (yes, I know, on a Tuesday)

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We’ve had a week of veterinary dramas – dog eats clothing, dog fails to pass clothing in either direction, clothing gets stuck, dog gets sick, dog gets operated on, etc – so blogging just kind of fell by the wayside, sorry. Never let it be said that I’m lax though – you can have your weekly wrapup and following meme in the one post, just a little late 🙂

So first, the weekly wrap-up:

1) One Good Thing:  gosh, having to think hard here, it’s all been a little… fraught, I guess, is the word. We had a new kitten join our extended family. I haven’t met him yet, so no photo. But he’s apparently all kinds of cute, and has reduced my heavy-metal-rockstar brother (whose girlfriend is his proud mother) to a big kitten-kissing softie, so that’s all good!

2) One Bad Thing: apart from extended veterinary troubles? Well, due to nursing post-operative dog, I cancelled a date with some girlfriends to go to the movies, something we normally do every month. We haven’t been for 2 months now (since Prince of Persia) and I really don’t want it to fall by the wayside, it’s something I really value and I know that when I have kids it’ll be even more precious. Actually, when I thought about it, I realised that I spoke to nobody except hubby, animals and six-year-olds from Friday afternoon through 9am this morning, and that’s pretty pathetic.

3) One Thing I’ve Learned (with apologies if you’re eating): how to clean blocked canine glands. I am very very sorry I ever learned this, and I am going to endeavour never to have to do it. In a word, Disgusting. In two words, Utterly Disgusting.

Now, Monday Meme – since I have animals on the brain…

Cool Animal Meme

An interesting animal I had

I had finches for a couple of days. They were really just remarkable because one finch killed and ate (yes, pecked at the corpses and feasted on) all the others in the space of about 72 hours and then died itself. It was very 28 Days Later, only with finches.

An interesting animal I ate

I’m afraid I’m not very interesting here: don’t tend to be adventurous when it comes to animal food products. I have eaten crocodile and camel, but I think that’s as far as it goes.

An interesting animal in the Museum

I saw a fossilised prehistoric duck with teeth at the Australian Museum in Sydney. It’s captivated me ever since, still strikes me as the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, albeit slightly terrifying. Totally explains geese.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Oh gosh, I do hope nobody answered this in a sick way! Again, I’m not the adventurous elephant-riding type. I did comb an angora rabbit at a zoo in New Zealand once, and then help spin its hair into wool…

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

Pretty much every animal is interesting in its natural habitat. But I am most taken with sea otters, the way they play and interact with each other in the water. You just have to hold your nose because they smell a lot.

What animal would you be if you could be any animal?

One hundred percent a cat. Cats absolutely have it made.  🙂



  1. Oh you poor thing (and your poor dog). Once something horrible is in your head it’s hard to shift…puppies may never look quite the same to you. Hope yours is feeling better now.

    Comment by Anki — August 4, 2010 @ 9:32 pm

  2. […] Following on from my grizzly bear post, I might as well keep the animal theme going.  Thanks to liberrydwarf for this one about interesting animals I have […]

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  3. love it (well not the bad stuff about your dog of course) – had to do the meme myself 🙂

    Comment by NewGradLibrarian — August 9, 2010 @ 11:38 am

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