June 23, 2010

Blogging Month Day 23: Models, Munchies, Making Cookies and Musicals

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1) One Good Thing: thanks all of you for the lovely comments back on my photoshoot photos from yesterday. You know how to make a girl feel gorgeous! @gigglesigh and @KatieTT and @nomesd and I had a slightly tongue in cheeck Twitter chat last night that we should do a Sexy Aussie Librarians  shoot like the Swedish one – what do you think?

2) One Bad Thing: I was naughty at lunchtime – started off well eating my salad and drinking water like a good girl. Then the thought popped into my head “it’s a cold day. I would like a hot treat.” And I proceeded to buy and eat not one, but two, potato scallops. Those things are terrible for you (but delicious. Maybe even because they’re so terrible for you). Now I’m grumpy, guilty and queasy… (and the rest of the seven negative dwarfs 🙂 )

3) One Thing I Learned: a new recipe for honey cookies that I’ll be trying out to give to the Scout kids at their Teddy Bears Picnic tomorrow night. Hope it’s nice!

4) Today’s Link: In the same spirit as Improv Everywhere, there was Prangstgrüp (who by now have all graduated college and gone onto more non-exhibitionist pursuits). Anyway, their Library Musical made me grin…


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  1. […] down on Friday afternoon and we got an early mark. I got invited to write another review. Oh, and Thursday’s Honey Cookies were fantastic, total smash […]

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