June 17, 2010

Blogging Month Day 17: Wii Sports, Waiting in Vain, Work Software and Watching Glee

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Thursdays are busy. Thursdays after you stayed up to watch the rugby, which you don’t even really like, and that’s all anyone wants to talk about and you just want to get some work done, are tough as well as busy. I’m looking forward to 5pm so I can rush out, play Simon Says, read books about pigs and dress small children in Newspaper (yes it’s a Scout night again, and following my Blogging Month Day 4 promise to stress less about it we’re all having more fun including me!)

1) One good thing: Wii Sports again this afternoon – and I am the Table Tennis Queen! (Though admittedly Skinnibitch is the Basketball Queen. To be honest, was there an invasion in Basketball Land, we would both be up for abdicating the throne…)

2) One bad thing: I waited in line at Boost Juice on campus for AGES…(having finally decided to bless it with my patronage, I have this thing about franchise services in closed communities like campuses, it irritates me beyond belief.) Anyway, I waited a good 15 minutes, finally got to the front of the line, ordered my juice, and the just-about-five-year-old behind the counter tells me he can’t make juice, he doesn’t have the ingredients. He can make smoothies and crushes, but can’t make juices.  WHAT THE…!! It’s Boost JUICE how can you possibly be unable to make JUICE!!! GAAAAAH!!!

3) One thing I learned: how to use Mendeley. Only not really, because I can’t get it to synch, and even the collective Twitter Brain of my followers couldn’t help me. Now I’ll have to read the documentation… *groan*

4) Today’s link: Especially for those who don’t watch Glee, so you can keep up with morning-after-glee tweets and workroom conversations and not feel left out. And it’s re-enacted by cats – so full of win!


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    I love cats, I love Glee, I love tremendousnews. I should follow him again so I don’t miss out on this shit.

    Comment by NomesD — June 18, 2010 @ 11:47 am

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