June 13, 2010

Blogging Month Day 13: Paying Calls, Pickups, Playing Games and Puss-cat Antics…

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Speed-of-light post tonight: spent the whole day out again, there’s 15 minutes til Merlin and I have no idea what I”m eating for dinner! Argh!

1) One Good Thing: Headed over the other side of town for lunch with the sister-in-law today, to see her new place. It’s a lovely townhouse, she’s done wonders with it, and it’s great to see her happy, as she wasn’t when she lived on the Gold Coast (see here, here or here for why…)

2) One Bad Thing: Picking hubby up from airport after his Adelaide trip tonight. When does the flight arrive? Eleven-frickin’ PM. And I am exhausted just thinking about it. (Well at least there’s not going to be any traffic. And tomorrow’s a PH.)

3) One Thing I Learned: what a glia is. And to think we accused my father in law of cheating at Boggle… 🙂

4) Today’s Link: and I can only imagine that it was indeed cleaning that my own cat was doing at midnight last night, instead of sleeping like a sane normal animal…


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