April 20, 2010

“Don’t blame the boss. (S)He has enough problems.”

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Okay, so for the next 4 weeks while my boss is away (in theory away – she was going to France, she may turn around and come home if she can’t get there and all this will be a moot point anyway) I am THE BOSS! And it is, frankly, quite terrifying. All these people who were my good friends are now somehow beholden to hate me – but only for the next 4 weeks. Then we’ll be super friends again. Sheesh.

Anyway, you all still love me, so here’s your reward for the week…

1) Even celebrities have guilty-but-not-thoroughly-researched pleasures… Mr Keith Richards, I will  gladly swap you, and then after you answer the same dumb first-year management assignment question fifty frickin’ times see if you’re still keen!

2) Art. Politics. Dacshunds. What a combo! Not sure entirely what the artistic point this is, but Dacshunds can be nasty little buggers, it should be quite fun to watch (hey, maybe that IS the artistic point!)

3) Only been waiting SINCE I WAS 13 for this film to be made!!!


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  1. […] liberrydwarf @ 4:32 pm Well, turns out that the boss did get turned around due to volcano ash as I hypothesized last week, so thankfully things can go back to normal tomorrow. (And yes I say tomorrow, Saturday, since poor […]

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