April 6, 2010

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

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Happy Easter, chickens! Hope you’ve enjoyed your Four Days of Play! (This is how a certain evil empire brown caffein-y soft drink company decided to sell the idea of drinking their drink all through the Easter long weekend. Amazingly, been browsing the blogosphere for backlash from outspoken religious types, and there doesn’t appear to be any. Don’t know if that’s perhaps the most disturbing thing of all…)

Anyways, if you’re not in insulin shock from too much sugary goodness already, here are some sweet treats for you:

1) Absolut Vodka has made Where The Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze’s 35-minute short film I’m Here available online for free in its entirety. A librarian falls in love with a robot and together they learn about sacrifice… (You’re welcome!)

2) From the blog that brought you The Aeneid on Facebook – OMG it’s World War II on Facebook! (Note: if you’re a student and you use this to write a history essay, you get everything you deserve…)

3) Finally, we’re always quick to make super-fun of ourselves here in Australia. Moreso to make fun of our government. Particularly where large sums of money are involved. Now, as a (very speedily done, mind you) parody followup to our new “there’s nothing like Australia” tourism campaign, seems this site agrees that indeed this is the case: but not for the reasons you’d think…

There's nothing like a dingo taking your baby...



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  2. The coroner AGAIN ruled that the child had been killed by a dingo and besides, just how many more babies have to be killed by dingos before people admit they were Basking idiots for casting blame on this family instead of comforting them. It is possible to stop comfort once started(if they were later found guilty) but there is NO way to now do the opposite and comfort them at the peak of their anguish in 1980. It seems to me that anyone with a shred of morality would have erred on the side causing less trauma to this poor family, Now it’s been 31 years and half as many babies dead at the paws of dingos, and still paranoid doubters aplenty, to be sure…

    ETA-This rant was not directed at you, sorry if I came off that way. My nephew was killed due to a medication dosage error and it took years and the doctor retiring and admiting that he had written and instructed the medication to be given the way it had. He had said 50mg rather than 5mg, and had even written it that way without catching his mistake. Unfortunately that was 10X the recommended dose for infants and 2X the recommend dose for adults per “The Drug Book” Rx manual. So he didn’t even make it to his first B-day and still my brother and his wife were crucified in the court of public opinion, and their two daughters treated poorly at school. Now everyone wants to try and fix their mistakes but there is no way they can ever give them back that period of their lives. 😦

    Comment by Crystalshine Marie — June 12, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

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