October 24, 2009

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

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Why is it the most beautiful day of the year so far outside, and yet I’m stuck inside working? (Yeah I know it’s not summer and I have used Henry James in vain, but judge not lest ye be judged, readers!)

*Sigh* Silence your siren call, Beach. It won’t do you any good!  Life is not fair…

On the bright side, it’s decidedly unbusy, and I’m gathering links like it’s the harvest festival in a week (which I guess being Halloween next week technically it is). Come share!

1) If it does get really dull around here, I can work my way through 100 Awesome Social Sites for Bookworms... whoops there goes the rest of MY social life! (Ironically the more social sites for books one gets into, the fewer books one actually reads…)

2) If you’re wondering could anything possibly have been more hilariously awesome than the Beatles’ “Help” movie, cast your mind across this list of Beatles Movies Which Never Happened… mmm, Hobbit Paul anyone?

3) Another Muppet movie for this week’s YouTube – with a slightly more modern twist…


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