October 13, 2009

“There’s so many things that we could do…”

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I’m racing to finish Assassin’s Creed I this week before I can go get Assassin’s Creed II – dizzy from jumping off things!

Oh, and I’m re-watching Arrested Development, which never fails to make me feel great about myself and gives me something new and previously undiscovered to laugh at ever time… *huge smile*

I’m also reading Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel” to try and wake my brain up a bit – it’s a hard slog, but I guess it is thirteen thousand years worth of history at once, so that’s acceptable, right??

In between times, here’s what I have found for you – enjoy!

1) Have pretties using Tag Galaxy – waste time with photo balls. And realise that user-defined tagging is really lame… but at least there are pretties…

2) When science is so wrong that it’s very very right… it’s the IgNobel prize 2009!

3) Finally, I took my mother to see “Julie and Julia” on the weekend (and EVERYONE I know who’s gone has either gone with their mother or their daughter – it’s that type of movie!) and thus I have celebrity chefs on the brain. And you don’t get much more celebrity than this…


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  1. there WILL be an Arrested Development return — we have to BELIEVE

    Comment by davis — October 13, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

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