August 10, 2009

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen…” (bad pun, sorry!)

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Morning! This week we’ve got Wednesday off, ostensibly to go to the Royal Exhibition (kind of like a big county fair, I guess) spend too much money on crap in brightly coloured bags, vomit on the swing chair and completely ignore the animals which are the entire reason for there being an exhibition… I will be spending it at home sleeping in, I think! (Even though we’ve only just had a weekend – mid-week public holidays RULE!!)

Here are this week’s links – tastier than overpriced and slightly-melty strawberry icecream, more variety than an overcrowded petting zoo and more fun than district wood-chopping finals! Enjoy!

1) Like Shakespeare? Like DOS-based text adventures? (If you just said yes to both – hello kindred spirit!) Perhaps you’ll like Hamlet: The Text Adventure… that is the question! (*apologies, that was a cheap one…*)

2) Reasons why Winston Churchill is awesome and every guy on the planet should aspire to be like him…

3) YouTube this week – and who could possibly go past David Tennant in bad drag…?

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