July 8, 2009

“And finally Winter, with its bitin’, whinin’ wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow.”

Filed under: Food, Humor, Just Plain Weird, music, Travel — liberrydwarf @ 9:50 am

Hooray! It’s finally honest-to-goodness winter! Hot chocolate, wearing gloves as you’re driving to work, electric blankets, dragon breath inside the house winter! No snow unfortunately, we’re far too far North, but it’s fun to play pretend!

(Just got a new 50″ plasma and feather doona to celebrate – yay!  It’s DVD-Box-Set-ember!)

Rugged up against the cold, here are this week’s snuggly warm links…

1) Why was Google Earth really invented? Why, to show you all the ridiculous things around the place you can see from the air, of course! Giant Cowboy Jesus Face in the Desert, anyone?

2) Haven’t had any gross food for a while, have we? Here’s a whole bunch… half the time can’t work out whether to drool or vomit, oh dear…

3) Finally, as I struggle with this week’s challenge to learn all the lyrics for “Ice Ice Baby” for a 90’s party challenge, someone said this clip from Jim Carrey would help – maybe not so much…


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