April 14, 2009

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate…”

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Hi, Happy Easter! Hope you all had a great break, with just the right amount of chocolatey goodness!

(These links have only half the calories, but all the sweetness…)

1) Ever notice how week by week, as you edge ever closer to your warranty expiring, your electrical goods begin misbehaving (presumably in preparation for Epic Fail the second that piece of paper’s no good anymore…) My iPod is in Countdown To Massive Tantrum mode as we speak: so this from pophangover is a gift just for it (and me) – what you should REALLY be told in iPod ads!

2) I’ve been reading a lot of Science Fiction anthology stuff this week (classic old Orson Scott Card shorts at the moment!)  and one thing you can always count on is great made-up stuff – from Absolute Black (thanks Douglas Adams) to Zero-G ashtrays (Heinlein. Naturally) it’s all brilliant. TechNovelgy is the ultimate geek glossary, Wikipedia for weird inventions from sci-fi settings (apologies for the terrible alliteration – too much chocolate for one Liberrydwarf!) Hmm, now, Alan Dean Foster, when’s the prototype on that Pocket-Sized Ad-Blocker coming out, hey?

3) This one is from (and in honour) my friend L.B. from dance class – mostly because we were messing around and I bet her that there was no such thing as Bellydance on Ice. Five dollars deservingly earned, my friend! (And yet more proof to the theory that nothing exists on the internet until you wonder whether or not it’s there, then it’s magically created!)


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