April 4, 2009

“Sci-fi nerds are respectful, honorable. You can trust them…”

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Sure signs you’ve become a geek: you spend more than $100 to go see a film at an exclusive, intimate (and overpriced) cinema for your anniversary. Spoiled for choice as you are, what romantic film would you choose to celebrate with your loved one? If you answered “Monsters vs Aliens” like I did, then yes – you are a geek. However, unless you afterwards drove home and instead of a romantic bubblebath or massage, you and your loved one spent 2 hours talking about the merits, down-sides and general excitment surrounding the new Star Trek movie you saw the trailer for, then nice try, you don’t trump this LiberryDwarf, better luck next time!

(Yes – so soooo sad. I know.)

Geekalicious links for the week…

1) Since we in our little town like to think we’re keeping up with the rest of the world’s most exciting cities (*snort and die laughing*) we do our own version of “one book, one city” (i.e. One Book One Brisbane) and they’re normally nice, simple, bland little books not about to offend anyone but not about to make you weep or scream or change your life at all (so much like the city itself, really).  Except that one about the murdering psycho city father… Anyways, Dublin? Same idea, but much, much, much cooler book – so unfair! I am moving!

2) As commented in previous weeks, I’ve eaten a LOOOOT of birthday cake the last couple of weeks.  (Also a lot of baby shower cake – not mine, I promise! – but that’s another story…) I would 100% take it all back and never eat another cake again if only someone would make me this next birthday

3) Let’s finish up the geeky trilogy for the week (having dug myself such a deep hole I can’t get out, might as well enjoy it) I was grumpy with the new Ice Age movie, the whole teaching kids “ice age first, then dinosaurs” idea. I looked around the web to see if others were grumpy too. I found this from Aniboom  – completely off the topic I was looking for, sure. But quite funny, delightfully nerdy, and terribly irreverent, and really – what more can you ask for?

Dinosaurs in the Bible

(Note: Aniboom doesn’t appear to be friends with WordPress, so no embedding – click the image to go to the clip.)


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