March 7, 2009

“Damn your principles! Stick to your party!”

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Hi friends! Another start of semester gone, another thousand-odd freshers I’ve bored to tears, another plaintive cry of “is it Easter yet?” By the way, are costume parties a fun idea, or a terrible idea? I posed the idea of a costume birthday party later this month with my friends – unanimously the answer was “if you do that, we won’t come.” People suck! Oh well, in a few years I’ll be thirty – significant birthday – and it’s my understanding that people will do anything you ask them to at a party for a significant birthday. If only because then they get to tease you for being old. Haha, now thirty is something to look forward to!

Mindless rant over: play nice with this week’s links…

1) This musical delight could be either really awesome, or really really dreadful: there ain’t gonna be no middle ground here…

2) Mindless fun for cat-lovers and masochists alike (though some might say that there’s no distinction, all cat-lovers are masochists). Get the cats to do what you want them to. Now get them to keep doing it… except for the 4am whining and the shameless self-cleansing, they’ve got cat behaviour down pretty good!

3) The second I saw this, the first thing I thought was “hey, does anyone in the greater Brisbane area want to get together and try this?” (second was “I wonder if that food-court girl got fired for doing that?”) Anyways, staged or not, it’s wonderful, if only for the faces of the food-court patrons…


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  1. […] YouTube this week – I quite enjoyed the Food Court Musical we viewed back in March: here’s more random public staged […]

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