February 27, 2009

“The object of (wo)man’s worship, whatever it be, will naturally be his (her) standard of perfection.”

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Before we get into links this week, I just want to say congrats to Kate Winslet on her Oscar. Kate’s awesome, she’s a wonderful actress, a gorgeous non-stick-figure woman, and miracle of miracles a real person who doesn’t mind heading out the door without a truckload of makeup every morning. So well done Kate.

(My secret dream to play alongside KW as her brainy-but-gorgeous younger sister continues…)

Creepy stalker post over and done with. Over to links…

1) We all know how much I love lists. And regardless of the fact that, since I can’t eat store-bought pizza anymore, this one’s not much use to me, here are 101 Ways to Order a Pizza. Not many of them will get you a pizza, to be fair, but probably good drunken fun. (Voice of experience = my elitist history friends and I used to order pizza under the names of various World War 2 generals to see if we’d get a reaction. No, not even “pizza for Trotsky” gets a blink of an eyelid these days…)

2) Can’t get a song out of your head? Want to know what on earth it is GlasVegas are actually singing about in “Geraldine”? Want to win whatever music-lyrics-related bar bet your boozy friends throw your way? Internets to the rescue! WhoDitty claim to be able to help you “find a tune by lyrics, artist, tags, or where you heard it…” I’m dubious about tags, and even more dubious about the last claim. And it’s ad-laden and clicky. But it did manage to find me the obscure song with lyrics that read “you eat the bivalve anyway you’re sick with salmonella” (and no, that doesn’t rhyme with anything in the song, don’t worry) so it’s not all that bad…

3) Finally, YouTube. What’s awesome? Why, Lego, of course. What else is awesome? Monty Python. So in combination…


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