February 16, 2009

“Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended…”

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If you don’t live in a cricketing country, let me just tell you one thing – going to spectate at this sport is FRAUGHT WITH PERIL, people!! Rather than either play on anyway or cancel a match like a SENSIBLE sport, cricket enjoys putting off the decision to play until 5 minutes before the point of no return, once you’ve just changed into your pajamas and resigned yourself to no cricket, then cheerfully letting you know “We’ll be starting in 10 minutes, see you there or lose your ticket!”. So then you run around the house mad trying to find your shoes, race the 30 minutes from home to the cricket ground only to find your 30 minutes is now 60 because of all the OTHER poor schmucks caught out just like you. And then they don’t even have the decency to finish the game properly!

Gentleman’s Game my foot!!

*sulks and retreats to this week’s links…

1. Is this possibly the BEST BOOK EVER??? For example, maybe : “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of… braaaaaains…. ” (And now I’ve given it away, haven’t I?)

2. Now I’ve found the (well, a possible) answer to a question I have every day without fail – how should a Librarian decide what to wear to work? (Of course now I’ll do it consciously instead of it just happening that way, and that’s a bit wrong…)

3. Finally, from YouTube this week (featuring lots of shots of our campus looking green and not ghastly and soggy) a story of love, loss, pie and the uneasy relationship between man and ibis…


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