February 10, 2009

“I feel bad that I don’t feel worse…”

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I feel bad for bitching about the heat last week, considering how bad the bushfires are down south. Sorry! Minute’s silence for everyone who’s lost their home or worse, our thoughts are with them (if yours aren’t, shame on you!) . Let’s see if I can go a week without trivialising anything this time…

1) The good thing about drinking games is that – well, they’re games, and they’re drinking. The bad thing about drinking games is that you always forget the really good ones, mostly because they involve too much drinking. Fear not! Barmeister has their own Drinking Game wikipedia – so now as long as you can drink and Google (and you know you can, it’s one ability alcohol never affects. Just your search choices.) you’ll have a wealth of drinking games to enjoy. I highly recommend the TV/Movie category!

2) We all love a feel-good library story in my profession. And it don’t get much more feel-good than babies. Except for babies that are born in a library… I find the comments amusing. Sure, there are the usual “that’s lovely” inane ones. And there’s a heated debate over whether the mother was an illegal immigrant or just a welfare cheat (or both). But did anyone stop to think of the HEALTH RISK! If I haven’t convinced you by now, LIBRARIES ARE FILTHY, people!  (At least mine is.) The real Library Miracle here is that she didn’t get septic and die…

3) This is awesome! Would you wear a computer around? I know I would! (If it matched my shoes, at least…)


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