February 2, 2009

“Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself…”

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So much for posting on the weekend – I know, I know, it’s not as hot here as it was in SOME parts of the country, but we still spent the weekend a bit like dying lizards (that is, just sort of lying there, scaly and a bit smelly, making little hissing groaning sounds) Who’d ever think you’d be glad to go back to work? (Even if it is the mystical fountain of air-conditioned comfort!) Not to mention the fact that any temp above 30 degrees has my home computer resetting itself every ten minutes as punishment for DARING to wake it up in such heat!

So here are last week / this week’s links from an apologetic, yet arctic-cool, LiberryDwarf…

1) I promise this isn’t a vain attempt to hang onto any remaining threads of my holiday! I’m sure everyone’s already seen this one before – but if you haven’t, you (like me) may never be able to complain about airline food again. At least not with a straight face…

2) I apologize in advance for all the pain and groans this one’s going to cause: this one’s for my friend LB in honour of her awful Orange joke (which nobody but her seems to even get!) – let’s drown in really bad jokes. Randomised bad jokes! Try limiting to under an hour the times you go “Groan! Well, maybe the next one will be funny and not terrible…” (Dare you!)

3) Finally, this week from YouTube – it’s cricket season, and cricket season means ads. Not only repeated ad nauseum ads (excuse the pun) but blokey stupid ads, usually for drinks (yes, the only people who like the heat are advertisers!) Usually I hate them – this one made me laugh, which for a cricket ad, is a rarity. Of course, when I’ve seen it ninety thousand more times, sure I’ll probably hate this one too. But for now, enjoy…


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