November 24, 2008

“After every storm the sun will smile…”

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Hi kiddies! The storms are all over, the sky is blue, my cat can finally venture outside again… it’s a good life! Smell the fresh air and enjoy the links!

1) This first one’s probably mostly for Aussies (because we wouldn’t blame you overseas types AT ALL if you didn’t know who he is. GWB barely knows who he is, and they’re supposed to be close-as-brothers political allies…) Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s been in power 1 year to the day today. Happy anniversary, Mr PM! If you were thinking of getting him a gift, there’s loads to choose from at the Kevin Rudd Memorabilia Store. Proudly brought to you by the Liberal Party in opposition. Free venomous hate and giftwrapping for the first 100 lucky customers…

2) Next, two great stories about Google’s new super-awesome voice search – apparently it’s racist because it doesn’t like British people. That or Brits really ARE obsessed with sex and talk about nothing else… and who would have thought, “izzit?” isn’t really a word?? Sorry, British people! We Aussies aren’t immune either though, take heart… obviously we need more Hugh Jackman market saturation! Talk more broadly Australian, dammit Hugh! Though maybe since he played Wolverine the world’s been a bit confused, perhaps he’s really Canadian… *finishing here, massive “Australia” rant tangent rapidly approaching!*

3) Finally, this is just SO wonderful I’m not even going to embed it, it’s too big! Apparently after years of being ripped off by YouTube users posting up illicit clips from Flying Circus, the Monty Python boys have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and they’ve launched their own Monty Python YouTube channel with all their clips in High-Quality format. Lupins all round!!


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