November 10, 2008

“Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer.”

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I spent this weekend helping my dad prepare for a tertiary entrance exam. My dad’s almost 60, never finished 9th grade, and is (with all love and respect) a complete psychological mess, so even though this blog’s anonymous (mostly) and I KNOW he’s never going to read it, I just want to say how proud I am of what he’s doing. I have uncrossed my fingers to type this post, as soon as it’s published they’re getting crossed right over again until he’s done the exam! (It’s going to be a long day…)

So quick, while the circulation is returning, here are some links…

1) If you enjoyed the delicious schadenfreude of last week’s entry on Failblog, here’s another dose for you – GroupHug is kind of like PostSecret without the postcards. Now, I know the point of things like PostSecret and, presumably, this too, is that the anonymity allows people to unburden and in reading something so open it touches your life and makes you a better person. But maybe you just smile a tiny bit inside when you see “I don’t have the heart to tell my girlfriend that her mother is more attractive then she is”. Don’t you? Or am I just a big mean freak??

(Note: the site’s pretty slow to load, but I recommend sticking with it…)

2) On a lighter note (and the perfect remedy if GroupHug’s got you feeling a bit depressed) have a play with these cute little guys for a bit. Bet you five dollars you can’t stop after just one go! (Oh, that’s 5 Aussie dollars, by the way, so about 3 cents everyone else’s currency…)

3) Finally, I’ve just (finally) finished the first season of “Torchwood”, and managed to get my sister hooked on it too. She’s been living in the UK so gets all the good stuff first: in this case, “good stuff” is the BBC comedy “Dead Ringers”, and their spoof of the show…

A tiny warning (other than maybe NSFW) is that while I thought this was pretty funny, my husband thought it was awful. We’re both big Torchwood fans, and both sketch comedy fans, so I’m not sure why there’s differences in opinion here. Let’s just say I don’t GUARANTEE you’ll love it. Just wanted to share…


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