October 9, 2008

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

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I got it, I got it! My shiny pretty new iPod Touch is here! *Purrs* I think I’m in love again… Any suggestions for what I should name it? (Him? Is naming an iPod dumb? Maybe don’t answer that…)

Not actually my Touch - from Flickr c/o chrisdejabet, but you get the idea...

Not actually my Touch - from Flickr c/o chrisdejabet, but you get the idea...

I’m not quite confident enough to blog-post on it yet (maybe next week) but I did surf for this week’s links on there: here they are in all their tiny wireless glory, smelling faintly of peas…* Enjoy!

1) Found another new web-comic with a work-day twist… take a look at Doug Savage’s post-it note** cartoon series “Savage Chickens”

2) Gross food Web 2.0 style – everyone’s a shuddering contributor at the Flickr Gross Supermarket Food Pool… hey, even I’ve seen one or two things there I know are down at my local supermarket! No “Southern Suprise Potted Possum Sauce”, to be sure, but one or two things…

3) My dad runs a writers group in his small country town. Well, rules with an Ivan-the-Terrible-esque iron fist might be more correct, but run it he does. This month he wants them to free-write poetry. After he sees what might be, courtesy of, he might just change his mind…

*bad iPod joke…

** Sticky-note for you US types…



  1. I thought this was something for you.

    If I’m totally wrong, don’t be mad. 😉

    Comment by kalafudra — October 14, 2008 @ 7:18 am

  2. Haha – they’re so fascinated!!

    My cat has never expressed any particular interest in the toilet, but he does like to watch water go down the bathroom sink when you wash your hands. And he loves to watch bubbles disappear after a bubble bath.

    Silly animal!

    Comment by liberrydwarf — October 15, 2008 @ 9:40 am

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