October 1, 2008

“It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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Plusses this week – I get out of night shifts for the rest of the year. I get my iPod Touch next week (for free! Read ’em and weep!) I read Angus Wells’ “Godwars” trilogy and it was awesome!

Minuses – it’s hot. My dog won’t play with other dogs at the dog park and I feel like a failure. The production company who makes the Horatio Hornblower movies isn’t planning to make any more.

So it all kinda balances out, doesn’t it? September and October are a bit like that!

Links are below (and all are plusses, I promise!) Enjoy!

1) Everyone, I’m sure, had a fantastic time on Talk Like A Pirate day recently. Apparently, even did. Who says financeers aren’t fun? Here they present their list of History’s Top Earning Pirates. It’s interesting, even if it does take all the fun out of pirates because you can’t get the image of your accountant in an eyepatch and funny hat out of your head as a result…

*hums a long-forgotten Monty Python song… “It’s fun to charter an accountant…”

2) Maughta from JudgeABookByItsCover loves to hate Michael Crichton – and it’s infectious! Courtesy of a link from her blog, I’d like to share with you the secret to instant money, movie deals and/or being a complete tool – Write Your Own Michael Crichton Novel. You know who to dedicate it to…

3) No YouTube this week, because I thought this one had to go in in full-colour image glory. A few weeks ago we brought you CakeWrecks, remember? Well, this week CakeWrecks provides us with gross food so wrong it brings tears to the eyes! The Krispy Kreme burger… part burger, part donut, 100% monstrosity. Hungry?

Krispy Kreme Burger


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