September 23, 2008

“A small town is a place where there’s no place to go where you shouldn’t.”

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I went back to my country home town on the weekend. They have an annual Carnival of Flowers, and I hadn’t been in years because, let’s face it, country towns and flowers are boring and I’m oh-so-cool. (Keep your derisive snorts to yourself, thankyou!)

Well, I went to the carnival. I went to the parade. I stood out in the sun for hours smelling of hay and country-people-sweat. And to be honest, it was daggy but great fun. There were unicycling garden gnomes. There were old-fashioned And miniature horses. And copious amounts of country wine. And found that actI didn’t mind at all…

So the Liberry’s lesson tonight is never to be too cool for your home town. Especially not when there’s cheese tasting and chilli-infused beer in the offering. Humble it up!

And now, to the links…

1) Link #1 tonight is tribute to my mum, who turned up at the parade featuring the Red Hat Brigade (they’re a group of older women who go out and do social stuff; go google it, it’s kinda hard to explain) inadvertantly wearing exactly the same thing as the Brigade were, and then wouldn’t share my hysterical laughter for the rest of the day when people kept asking her for membership details…

So for her, we present a gallery of people who had worse fashion-days than her by far. “Lileks Institute of Official Cheer” has shown up on this site before (think “regrettable food”) and it’s a great favourite. This time we’re bringing you their Highlights of the Sears 1973 Catalogue. ‘Cause there’s nothing better than other tragic fashion faux-pas to make you feel better…

2) Webcomics are great fun, particularly if you’re a geek, and we’ve featured lots before in the library. This week, if you’re a gamer, or a gamer fan, or even just want to laugh at gamers, take a look (best started at the beginning) at Goblins

3) Next week is Banned Books week. I love Banned Books week! I love getting all outraged. I make sure I read one banned book every year in honor. This year it’s “The Witches” by Roald Dahl – if someone can let me know WHY people would want this book banned, please do post, because it’s beyond me…

(I secretly think part of me loves Sarah Palin, because you KNOW she’d make every week banned book week! That part of me is locked in a cage in a dark room though…)

Anyhoo, enough being creepy… erm, here’s what the ALA came up with as a video-treat for banned book week this year. It’s kind of clever…


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