September 6, 2008

“Partying is such sweet sorrow…”

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It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished cleaning the bejeezus out of my house for my hubby’s birthday party, so let’s all chill out and wind down (and get the rancid barbecue grease out from under our fingernails) with some lovely links…

1) This first one – well, let’s say it’s in honour of P’s birthday which we’re celebrating tonight, let it never be said I don’t give good gifts eh? Anyway, seems that for us awful young people, 30 is the bridge that once crossed can never be returned over again. It’s like some one way portal to sensible adult boringness (P still has a while to go thankfully!) So there are lots of things you apparently need to have done before you reach that point. Including 30 books you should read before you turn 30. Get out your fruit-scented Smiggle hilighters and start tickin’ ’em off, people…

2) Any of us who have the misfortune to work serving human beings in any capacity know the old addage “The customer is always right”. (This is particularly difficult for us librarians, since we are right and the customers are always stupid, but we need to pretend this is reversed every day.) Anyways, we service types can’t vent at the customers when they say brain-bleedingly stupid things, can we? Thank goodness for the internet… and for!

3) Finally, this news story (if it’s true) made me very excited. I’m a huge fan of these films (even the second which in comparison was kind of sucky!) It’d be great to see the gang together again, no?

Best library movie scene....ever!!

Best library movie scene....ever!!


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  1. Oh yay!!!

    Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS!

    Did you see “Be Kind Rewind” and their great Ghostbusters spoof?

    Comment by kalafudra — September 9, 2008 @ 12:40 am

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