August 15, 2008

‘When lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.”

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Okay, okay, so Wednesday was a public holiday, and I had no excuse not to blog, I know… but I rediscovered Planescape Torment. Seriously – I’m hooked again. Only coming up for air here, people. If you haven’t ever experienced the absolute awesomeness of this game (or have no idea what I’m talking about) click the link, go find out. If you do play you won’t regret it (unless you’re a stupid-head…)

Erm…before I lose any small amount of respect anyone ever had for me on here, here are this week’s links:

1) We all know I love a food disaster. And the best food disaster? Something someone paid good money for, that’s right! And something that was supposed to be meaningful and make people happy, but ends up a bit of a joke? You know you want it. You know you want Cake Wrecks… enjoy. Remember not to lick the frosting spoon.

2) Just in case my AD&D RPG obsession wasn’t enough – yes, I used to be in Scouts. Scouts have a bit of a geeky reputation (at least they do here in Aus). And yes, I will admit, there are/were some kids in Scouts that were kind of schmucks. But as this story from (what I’m guessing is) Britain shows us, there ain’t no party like Jamboree, never let it be said Scouts don’t know a good time when they see one…

3) Finally, as I watch the Olympics every evening, bewail the fact they don’t broadcast the Fencing here, and wonder to myself just why can’t I seem to turn off the Judo if I find it that dull?, I wonder – if Finland gets the games, will this be a demonstration sport? Please, Finland – say “Kyllä”…


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  1. […] No YouTube this week, because I thought this one had to go in in full-colour image glory. A few weeks ago we brought you CakeWrecks, remember? Well, this week CakeWrecks provides us with gross food so wrong it brings tears to the […]

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