July 24, 2008

“Bad weather always looks worse through a window.”

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Brr… hello everyone! It’s cold and rainy and miserable, and I have hot chocolate and blogging, what could be better? (Yes, I know Australians don’t really have the right to whine about cold weather. Queenslanders in particular, but any excuse for hot chocolate and not having to go outside!) Here are some winter-warming links I’ve found to share while I’ve been rugged up inside…

1) I’m gearing up for my UK trip (only 5 months to go now! Heehee!) and looking around for where-to-go inspiration. Having never been to Stratford-Upon-Avon, if I want to have any claim to being a worth-my-salt librarian I thought I probably better go. Especially since, Shakespeare’s obviously pretty hot property if this BBC article is anything to go by. That, and thieves are stupid and librarians are awesome. Why does nothing like this ever happen to me??

2) I’ve been in two minds as to whether or not to include this one – it intrigued me and made me laugh, but it’s pretty creepy. Mostly because I think they’re 100% dead-set serious, and I shouldn’t be laughing and am going to hell. But what are we here if not controversial? (Lazy. Yes, that answer’s correct too, I guess. Be quiet!) So here you go – Suicide Food. I can’t sum it up better than they can, so here:

“What is Suicide Food? Suicide Food is any depiction of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed. Suicide Food actively participates in or celebrates its own demise. Suicide Food identifies with the oppressor. Suicide Food is a bellwether of our decadent society. Suicide Food says, “Hey! Come on! Eating meat is without any ethical ramifications! See, Mr. Greenjeans? The animals aren’t complaining! So what’s your problem?” Suicide Food is not funny.”

I beg to differ with the last…. my smoked chicken sandwich and I both…

3) Finally, via YouTube this week, more fun with food – and with the 80’s! A lot of people my age consider being born in the 80’s some sort of trophy, something to celebrate. Not this little liberrian. The 80’s were trashy, over-the-top, embarrassing and down-right crass. But hey, at least they got enough fibre…


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