July 17, 2008

“Television was not invented to make human beings vacuous, but is an emanation of their vacuity…”

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For reasons that I will elect not to go into, I had TV people at my house yesterday – it’s a long complicated story, but let’s just state that making a TV segment is NOT glamorous, it’s phoney and repetitive and very dull. Particularly a segment for the local current-affairs half hour. Seriously, they spent almost 3 hours at my house filming. For a 4-minute segment. Yes. FOUR.

But hey, I’m a great believer in trying anything once – particular anything where I’m getting attention and looking good. (And to be fair, now that we Aussies are canning Big Brother, how else do we regular idiots get our 15 minutes of fame?)

So today in the Liberry we celebrate TV in all its forms (for 2/3 of the post, anyway…)

1) “House” is a great show. A tad repetitive at times, but witty, clever, interesting and very watchable. For me, at least. But what about for doctors? I mean, I know I HATED “The Librarians”… well for an inside perspective, head over to Jeffrey’s blog of House M.D. Reviews – he’s a med student from Victoria here in Australia, and he’s watching House episode-by-episode (albeit a bit slowly) and commenting on the medicine of each. Glorious slides and videos abound (note: do not eat lunch first!) and he’s not bitchy about it. Great fun if you’re a curious House fan who wants to know a bit more (but you, like me, are too lazy to Google “Eosiniphilia” properly…)

2) This one’s a treat for Non-Aussies: we’ve got a great show down here (if you don’t mind comedian Wil Anderson, who year-by-year gets decidedly more un-funny) called the Gruen Transfer. It’s all about advertising – what works and doesn’t, why they do the things they do, how you’d sell the unsellable, etc. And they’ve kindly put up every episode on their website. So if you’ve ever wondered why they use sex to sell chocolate – or how on earth you could market abstinence as cool –  drop past!

3) Finally, from YouTube this week, learn everything you ever wanted to know about cats from the true knowledge professionals – Engineers!



  1. Truly great vid there which I’m going to post at mine, also anyone who thinks that Wil Anderson is not that funny gets brownie points from me

    Comment by Iain Hall — July 17, 2008 @ 12:26 pm

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog. i hope you like those house m.d. reviews. its a great learning tool for me too!

    im doing them one every week and submitting them for the weekly Grand Rounds. if i could, i will do them quicker but it takes quite some time to churn out a review! hope u understand 😉

    Comment by Jeffrey — July 17, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

  3. I loved the cats. I am married to en engineer and we have a cat – need I say more? Ours reacts to being cuddled in the same way.



    Comment by babychaos — July 17, 2008 @ 8:14 pm

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