June 10, 2008

“Any truth is better than indefinite doubt… – Arthur Conan Doyle”

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I’ve a conundrum at the moment – the sitch (I hate that word, but I’m feeling particularly lazy today. Write it off as an Australianism…) is that I’ve got a trip to the UK booked for the end of the year. And I will never never forgive myself if I don’t go to Baker Street, trek up to 221B and take a look. But what if I’m so very disappointed it breaks my heart and my love for all things Sherlock? What if it’s crap, and the dream dies just a little? But then, what if I don’t go and it’s actually awesome? Aaargh! Head asplode! Have any readers ever been???

(Good thing it’s still 189 days til I go, eh?)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve tracked down for you all in between mental crises…

1) Bored? Take a look at Wikipedia’s “Unusual Articles” list. (Yeah, irony, I know…) Wikipedia defines this as “This page is for Wikipedians to list articles that seem a little unusual.” I have one word for you… Phantom Kangaroos. Oh, yeah, this is what the internet is for…

2) For cool old photos, look no further than Shorpy: the 100 year old photo blog. Great old candid photos, there’s heaps of interesting, quite beautiful, and downright creepy old stuff there.  I particularly like the Mah Jongg set for the pool on page 5. History rocks!

3) Finally, this week if you haven’t ever seen Flight of the Conchords – what the heck are you doing? Get out of this blog entry and onto YouTube right now? FOTC are a terribly funny comic music duo from New Zealand (so yeah, we can practically claim them) and are well worth a peek. Here’s a taste…


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  2. great video C:

    Comment by chris — September 27, 2009 @ 2:11 pm

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