June 3, 2008

“Society is now one polished horde, — Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored…”

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I’m grumpy this evening and have a headache, so no long ranty chat for you. (Stop that sigh of relief, mister, I heard that!) Study Week is truly, truly the most boring time of year (like the Lord Byron quote, by the way?) Nobody ever wants to know anything. If they don’t know it by now, it’ll just make their head asplode, so no need to bother the nice Liberrian… Alternating blogging with writing my name, extension number and date on a pile of about 700 forms, so quick – dig in before my eyes fall out of my skull!

1) If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi. And usually, knowing me, it’s sci-fi that’s either too old to find in a bookshop, or sci-fi I’m too cheap or time-poor to buy it. So I’m also a sucker for sci-fi e-books. Enter the Baen Free Library – Baen Books, who publish some of the best (well, the most stereotypically sci-fi anyway) have gotten some of their authors to stick up the text of some of their books up online for download as tasters of their work. We’re talking Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon, Larry Niven, Eric Flint and more! (And if those names mean nothing, shame on you. Go to your public library and look for the books with the little planet on the spine. Now!)

2) Hit another gross food motherlode – if you’re feeling brave enough to sample more of the infinite delights of Japanese culinary crimes, head over to the blog Culinary Abortions from Japan. *shudders* 幸せなダイニング! Happy Dining!

3) Finally, your weekly YouTube: This is a little bit silly, but kind of cute… (and what else is YouTube for, really?)


  1. I like the quote 🙂 and the baen-library.
    I’ll get lost for hours now, if you excuse me, I have to become a bore, instead of a bored.

    Comment by kalafudra — June 3, 2008 @ 9:20 pm

  2. Love the vid but the barf-worthy Japanese food abortion site was vile…



    Comment by babychaos — June 3, 2008 @ 10:14 pm

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