May 6, 2008

“A dog wearing clothes is still a dog…”

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So is porn wearing Tudor costumes still porn? And if you had to choose between sleeping with a sibling or dying, which would you choose? Moreover, if you had to choose between being/having (delete where appropriate) Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johanssen, which would you choose? (Ladies, you get Eric Bana by default…) Yes, I saw “The Other Boleyn Girl” this morning. No, I have no answer to any of the above questions (Could I have Natalie’s face and Scarlett’s body, yet keep those tiny Portman feet? And do I indeed get Eric Bana by default??) Luckily, I have internets, and a million other people with opinions on the above….*blissful sigh* why ever have an answer for anything? Delightful!

1) Tonight at work we were making a shortlist of “hot old men” celebrities (well, I thought they were old. I’ve learned to keep my dirty ageist thoughts to myself…) We had your usual Connerys, Firths, Depps and the like… but this got me thinking. Who are the most unattractive celebrities out there? Like, officially? Lucky for me, Listmania cover everything (and are just as bored and weird as me) so thanks to them, I bring you the Top 10 Ugliest Male Celebrities …do you agree? (Comment to me, not them! Or to both of us!)

2) Want the ultimate frustrating trivia game? How many countries can you name in five minutes? Type quick, punk! It’s full pressure on, the most heart-pounding minutes I’ve had all week (yes, even including all Eric Bana’s screentime in aforementioned histor-erotica!) I got 70 – can you beat me? You can? Fine, well can you do it drunk? (Hey, I wasn’t drunk, I was at work. But I do need to feel superior about something…)

3) I heart cats. So does more than one of my co-workers. One of them sent me this. Perfect, pure, unadulterated cat. Heartless little bastards, and their evil mindgames…



  1. Definitely missing from the list is Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. This man has a mouth that could fit all of Europe at once. Liv Tyler is so lucky that she doesn’t look like her father…
    Also, I think you could include the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) in the list.
    But other than that, it was pretty accurate,

    btw, I want Eric Bana by default, too…

    Comment by kalafudra — May 7, 2008 @ 9:52 am

  2. […] finished off the first season of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ “The Tudors”, I take back everything I said about “The Other Boleyn Girl” being porn the other week – this taketh the jackpot! This baby needed three discs just to fit all the […]

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