May 1, 2008

“The wise make proverbs, and fools repeat them…”

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Today my boss is off sick, and while the proverbial cat’s away… the mice have weblinks! Yay! (Does this take the metaphor too far? I hate proverbs at the best of times! Me and Benjamin Disraeli…so much in common!)

1) A while ago I brought you a wonderful story about the German government paying people to put nice things in Wikipedia about them. Why oh why is it alwaws the Germans when Wikipedia’s in the news? (Of course, unless it’s the CIA…) Anyhoo, the wonderful people of Germany love Wikipedia. They love the crazy internetty social construction-ness of it all. So much so, that according to this article, they’re going to pick their favourite web-based encyclopedia posts, and PUBLISH THEM IN A BOOK. The irony of this should not escape any of us…

2) People always seem to like my posts with sites about books. Okay, here’s another for you. In the words of this site’s author – “Ever read a book (required or otherwise) and upon finishing it thought to yourself, “Wow. That was terrible. I totally feel dumber after reading that.”? I know I have. Well, like any good scientist, I decided to see how well my personal experience matches reality. How might one do this?” Well, take a look. Books That Make You Dumb uses maths, pilfered Facebook data and biting wit to examine which books correlate with low and high SAT scores (which I gather is the grade that gets you into Uni in the good ol’ US of A). Irrefutable proof that chick lit and porn are bad for the brain – and that kids who read classic sci-fi RULE!

3) People always react well to my Gross Food posts too 🙂 Juvenile little bunch that you are! Well, in honour of my northern hemi friends who are just beginning to thaw out – what could be more perfect than icecream? Oh yeah, gross icecream. Welcome to the freezers of Japan, where just once gross icecream isn’t nearly enough, but 101 Frightening Icecream Flavours will just about do it… Yum!

Salad Icecream...urgh...

(Yes, that is salad. I swear.)


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