April 16, 2008

“Oh, to be in England now that April’s there…”

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I have tickets to London – squeeeee!!! Now I’m poor and have no money, and will probably starve to death, but at least I’ll do it in London…

As tribute to my impending tourist-in-Britain-ness (it’s still 8 months away, but hey, I’m excited!) this blog post is getting a British theme…

1) Who’s the ultimate London blogger, I hear you ask? Would you believe Samuel Pepys?? No? Well think again! Some clever souls are blogging Pepys’ diary, day at a time. It’s actually kind of cool, imagining Pepys there with his iBook by candlelight… for those not 100% up on their 17th century social and historical references (read: not a die-hard history nerd) the kind transcribers have nifty hover-overs for anything tricky to give you all the details. Perhaps not as tourist-friendly as Lonely Planet, but heaps more fun!

2) I believe I’ve probably brought you things like Overheard in New York, and Overheard at the Beach, in previous posts? Well, Londoners have their own version, sort of Overheard on the Underground. I like to think it proves the differences between Brits and Americans – Brits slightly less blankly unredeemable dumb, slightly less random, and slightly less bite-sized-pieces with the web design… anyway, it’s a giggle!

3) Finally – how could we go to Britain without Monty Python? Managed to find for you my favourite… The Body in the Library. I must ask that nobody leave the room!


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