April 2, 2008

“Designing pages in HTML is like having sex in a bathtub…”

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Actually, the rest of that quote goes “If you don’t know anything about sex, it won’t do you any good to know a lot about bathtubs”, but I reckon if we left it at the first half we’d solve all our country’s IT shortages in a matter of months. This off the back of my suggesting to a lovely little freshman student who asked me how you became a librarian that doing a little bit of IT might be helpful – she stared blankly and then said “so it’s something you actually need a degree for?” Me and my three degrees just about went home and cried… Ah, never mind. I’ll use all my wondrous HTML skills to lazily write another installment of this blog and give you some links…

1) We all know how much I like useless statistics. Apparently, people who work in offices like them too, and with a darn sight more time on their hands, they like to play with them. Hence the birth of GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles. Proving that a) Stats are fun when you’re bored and in a silly frame of mind, and b) that computers in no way save companies time and money, and c) the human race is very, very, very strange…

2) My local radio station decided to ring in April Fools Day by making all their time calls an hour off yesterday morning(5:30 at 6:30, for example) The irate “I was late for work/school/court hearing/etc” calls that followed this morning were in fact much funnier than the original prank, to be honest. But in honour, I’m bringing you last years (because I assume this years isn’t finished) Urgo List of 2007 Website April Fools Jokes. The World of Warcraft tinfoil hat brings back fond memories… ah yes…

3) Finally – a colleague whined at me this morning about how “today’s young people” (cringe!!) were completely unable and unwilling to engage with adults. Let’s celebrate that, shall we? Oh – and let’s celebrate it in song. Because we can.


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  1. I would like to be able to say that young people (join you in the cringe) aren’t like that *at all*. Sad truth is though that my younger siblings (in their teens) are *exactly* like that.

    Comment by kalafudra — April 3, 2008 @ 6:17 am

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