February 12, 2008

I hate being cold and I hate being wet…

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LiberryDwarf is over the constant rain. My shoes are damp, it’s still summer as far as the air conditioning is concerned, and I have icicles forming on my toenails. ‘Nuff said. Here’s some links…

1) Still in its infancy, but potentially very exciting – particularly for the lazy and indecisive among us. Finished a great book, want something similar but don’t even know where to start looking? Try What Should I Read Next – pop in your book’s title and author, and based on other people’s reviews, booklists and recommendation’s it’ll give you a to 10 of similar books to try next. A bit like which I blogged about way back in January 07, but sans annoying sliders… hateful sliders… and not a Rankin book to be found!

2) The Liberry’s all about weird games, you might have guessed if you’re a regular reader. Today we combine two of my biggest loves Captain Planet style in the awesome-yet-frustrating Zombie Kitten Attack game…

3) I’m a big fan of mashups. I’m also a big fan of horror movies. Wow, it’s totally my day for fantastic combinations! Remember a little flick back in the 80’s called “The Shining”? Did you see it? Would you have seen it if the trailer had looked, for instance, like this…?


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