February 5, 2008

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art (or blog stats) to see your soul… “

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I love my blog stats. (Yeah, 90% of that quote is GB Shaw, the rest is me.) I think that’s absolutely the best bit on WordPress – blog stats. 56 people visited this humble little blog the other day, and none of them were me! How exciting! Plus, you get to see the awesome Google search terms people use to find your blog… “boys corsetted”? “blank digestive system”? When have I ever blogged about those? Hehehe…priceless!!

In honour of blog stats, I was going to bring you a collection of Stat-y links… but I got bored with the idea. That’s far too much like work. Try these on for size instead!

1) You know the Liberry brings you the very best in Lol(insert noun here)… Lolcats, Loltapirs, the works. This week, for all you fellow liberrians out there, we have – no, not just LolCats, my friends, but LolCataloguers. The particularly slightly-odd socially-repressed ones in a, well, slightly-odd socially-repressed profession. Cataloguers are what other librarians pick on… and LolCataloguers is Exhibit A.

2) Dig bad poetry? No, not the sad emo teenager type – I’m talking about that immortal form of couplety, Nantucket-laced humor, the Limerick. Find yourself the perfect limerick – by topic, or even by word, at the The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form… ehem…

“Who’s been reading my blog? Lots of losers

And perverts and unemployed boozers

(Their brains soaked in highballs).

So what? They’ve got eyeballs,

And bloggers, it seems, can’t be choosers.”
(No offence or anything!! )

3) Finally, they’re asking me at work to help on a project to “attract young people to be librarians”… hey, why not just show them this? (Note: Remind me, I MUST give this the MST3K treatment before I die!)


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