November 28, 2007

Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody…

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Hooray for politics! Actually, I think people who rock-star-idolise aging Aussie politicians are a bit pathetic, but I’m probably just bitter that I got hit on by grotty Young Liberals at the polling booth and didn’t manage to dislodge my smug local member. Anyways, with the election safely behind us, we can crawl out from under the bed where we’ve been curled up and whimpering the last six weeks, and enjoy some links…
1) Proving for us again that there really isn’t any purpose to the internet except laughing at rich and famous people, it’s the glorious gallery of celebrity photo madness that is “Men who look like old lesbians“. Featuring our very own dear new Fearless Leader (see Sunday, November 18, 2007). Sorry sir, your majesty…blame the Americans!

2) Dragging the Liberry back into some vague semblance of educational-ness… get a weekly dose of delightful trivia (and the accompanying news stories for all you “it is SO true, see here!” needs), it’s the BBC’s “Ten Things We Didn’t Know Last Week” blog…

3) Finally, this week’s YouTube vid is shamelessly Aussie – if you’re local you’ll probably break into a big grin within the first ten seconds! But I hope all you terrible foreigners like it too, it’s quite clever even if you don’t know the theme tune…


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  1. OMG the old lesbians site! Priceless and waaaaaaay scary!



    Comment by babychaos — November 30, 2007 @ 3:22 am

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