October 9, 2007

I never expected to see the day when people would get sunburned in the places they now do…

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Booh. I bowed to the nagging and trekked to Floriade on the weekend down in Canberra, and now I have a horrible sunburn. Double booh. Darn librarian peer pressure! Pass me the aloe vera and read your damn links…

1) From the “hover cars and personal jetpacks” pile (only real) check out the newly invented laptop with inbuilt 30-year Battery! Pretty cool (and yay, 30 years of continuous Facebook and Sims Life Stories!) Though I bet you they’ve yet to invent a “doesn’t die when you accidentally drop it down a flight of stairs” laptop, have they?

2) Those who are fond of the whole LOLcats subgenre of internet humor (ie ICanHasCheezburger?) and consider themselves on the witty side of things may be amused by this “classy” Flickr gallery which claims to bring you the true origins of LOLcats

3) Finally, nostalgia hit if you grew up in the 80’s like me – remember the Sooty Show? Sooty, Sweep, Soo and the gang? Anyway, for this week’s YouTube treat I’ve chosen Sweep’s classic “Super Dog” introduction…

(The early 80’s psychedelic Sooty was always way better in my opinion, but YouTube beggars can’t be choosers… if anyone knows where I could find those earlier episodes of The Sooty Show somewhere online leave me a note…)


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