September 25, 2007

“A graduation ceremony is an event where the speaker tells hundreds of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that ‘individuality’ is the key to success…”

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 Apologies for another week’s silence – I was off getting my oversized novelty degree – now officially (because I fuss over the gender-specifics of it all) Mistress of Information Management! Oh, and sleeping through the presentation of 19 PhD’s one after the other… when I get MY PhD nobody will EVER be reading my abstract out on stage, I would rather die… anyways, here’s some links to get you through the official most boring week in the Australian higher education sector EVER – mid-semester break in semester 2…

1) Especially for all those povvo students with free time up their sleeves this week, we present in full glorious colour the Top 5 Ways to Hustle a Free Drink. A word of warning, I would not try most of these out on people who are not your friends, or who are bigger and hit harder than you. (Unless you’re a very attractive woman, apparently…)

2) What do gay penguins, Harry Potter and Tom Sawyer have in common? (Apart from showing up in a great deal of fanfic together, that is…) Well, at some time or other, their respective books have all been banned by schools, communities or governments due to “Unsuitable Content”. Get a bit naughty and find out more about which books have been banned, and why at the ALA’s Banned Books Week site. How going-to-hell are you? (And will I be seeing you down there?)

3) Finally, just cos we haven’t had any sickeningly cute kitties in a while, here’s a die-of-cuteness pair for you… cats rule!!


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