August 7, 2007

Small children go to heaven, Goats go to hell…

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The inevitable has finally happened – they put log-in tracking on YouTube and MySpace access here at work. My liberrian’s prerogative has disappeared! Unable to watch pirated episodes of Pokemon with the sound down anymore, I shed a tiny tear (and maybe a mournful “pik-AA”) and bring you tonight’s links…

1) Tonight in The Penny Arcade (another of my favourite webcomics!) they discuss that most perennial of problems – what exactly DO you call a male librarian?

2) Proving with style and substance that there’s a support group (well at least a satirical support group) for everyone out there, it’s The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation. As a sad and paranoid member of the Donkey, Ibis, Goose, Small Dog and Elderly Bull trauma foundations during my childhood, I certainly sympathise…
3) Finally, from the wacky wonderful world that is South East Asia, the Dallas News reports on a new initiative to clean up bad police behavior in Thailand. Here’s a clue:

Hello Kitty

One word: Suffer.


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