August 1, 2007

Harry Potter and the dirty Hor(crux)…

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Hoping you’ve all been super-well, and reasonably fanfic-free this week.

1) Like 99% of the rest of the world I’ve now finished Harry Potter 7. Not without a tear, and a dash of confusion, I will admit. And I have seen movie #5 twice too, wretched creature that I am…Anyways, come and vent, group-hug, or pay the whole thing out at MuggleNet. No less fun even if you think the whole concept is really really sad…

2) From the folks who brought you Phallic Logos (well, maybe not, but it goes in the same basket) we have 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads. Gets me wondering just how innocent those poster-gluer-upperers and advertising monkeys are. Naivety? Or subtle anarchism? Your call…

3) Finally, anotherBookCrossing tie-in (I guess it doesn’t have to be, but I use it that way), A trading post for science-fiction and fantasy books, you get credits for sending out your own books which you use to request others. If you’re a fan and someone who can bear parting with books, take a look! I mean, now you don’t need your Harry Potters anymore, do you??

Harry Potter outfit for cats
Enjoy your Potter-Mania while you can!


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