July 24, 2007

Ackbay otay Oolschay!

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School’s back! Suffer in your jocks, lazy first-year students! And unwitting librarians trying to find a carpark at noon!

1) I walked past two students today having the most animated argument about the particulars of pig latin – so I thought I’d share with you all this English to Pig Latin Translator, to settle the argument once and for all. Orfay ethay ovelay ofway Odgay, on’tday etgay addictedway!

2) Want to save the planet? Take a little baby (admittedly shamefully lazy) step with Blackle – the Google mod that searches with a black screen instead of a white one, and consumes 59 watts to display instead of the usual 74. And has less ads, as it turns out! Come on, get your smug treehugger-ness on in style!

3) Mental Floss always comes up with the best quizzes, so today I bring you the Nintendo Historian Quiz. Match the game element with the game…I am ashamed to admit I did very, very, VERY poorly on this one. 2/10 poorly. I think I was born too late for my own good. Either that or had a terribly bookish childhood (oh yeah that’s right I remember now…) How will you do?

Nintendo Historian Banner


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