July 3, 2007

And the winner is… Syd-e-nee!!

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Sorry for the week’s silence, folks. I’m on vacation (yay!) at the moments, and currently in an internet cafe in The Rocks (Sydney’s historic colonial district) posting – cool, no? So I will share these links with you before I trudge off on my guided tour and then hit up the justice museum to giggle at 1930’s mugshots…

1) Oh, have I found theBEST time waster ever or WHAT?? is a highly addictive trivia game from the folks at The game is all about how much you thought you knew. Answer each deceitful statement with a simple “way” or “no way” and see how you did against everyone else. This baby ate up my entire last day at work, almost…

2) Another marvelous time waster (and probably more educational than the previous) is – a site and tool for gauging popular opinion on a wide range of topics – from sports, movies and politics to relationships and philosophy. They have functionality for you to submit your own poll question, too, and see what people think. What time I didn’t spend on Blufr I spent here on my last day. Never ever tell my boss…

3)  Finally, to cap off this week’s educational streak, here’s a lesson on How to Pimp-Slap. Ah, the Liberry’s just full of gems, aint it? Peace out, and keep my poor tired legs in your prayers!


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