June 19, 2007

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.”

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Non-event of a week. Watched Deadwood. Cried. Watched Tombstone because I was still on a Western high…couldn’t watch Unforgiven, some other sad Deadwood fan had it out. Cried again. Missed episode 1 of Torchwood, and for the first time in what must be HISTORY there won’t be a season premier repeat… and now I can’t very well watch it having missed the pilot! TV SUCKS!!

So anyway, with no more Deadwood to lose myself in, I’ve had to lose myself in the crazy tripped-out world of the good ol’ Inter-me-net again. And look what I found for you this week!
1) Check out this crazy BBC news article on how the Chinese are cheating their way around the one child policy. Evily ingenious. And kind of stupid, seeing as these are poor starving farmers who already don’t have enough to eat. But who am I to judge people’s devious anti-government plots? I’m already thinking about ordering some of these suckers (the fertility drugs, not the Chinese farmers’ wives) on eBay – surely if I have quadruplets nobody can reasonably expect me to ever go back to work again? Or at least not work nights anymore??

2) Check out the crazy Finnish idea (gosh their brains must be frozen in Scandimanavia!!) of the Complaints Choir. A whole bunch of people get together and whine about stuff all in glorious harmony. Interesting to note the whole project started out actually in Birmingham, UK (sweet irony, I believe I made some poorly received comments about whiney Poms last week). Hey, if there’s not one near you start one up and tell me how it goes!

3) Finally, in yet another trip to the world of gross food (and this could even be a clever pun on the word “gross”!) We bring you the Giant Burger – recipe and all! Your digestive system hates you just for looking at this link, you know…

Man with giant burger...


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  1. Whingers yes but, you have to give us, lateral!



    Comment by babychaos — June 20, 2007 @ 4:49 am

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