May 22, 2007

“If you don’t want green stuff growing out of our plates please wash your dishes. Cheers.”

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Another week, and still partly deaf…oh well, at least when I was seated next to a very drunk grandmother at the family dinner on the weekend I mostly couldn’t hear her. On to today’s timewasters!

1) My sister is leaving the country in 2 days time, so we’ve been reminiscing…partly about some terrible housemates. Ever had a passive agressive housemate? Or co-worker? Or neighbour? This collection ( might make you feel very much at home…

2) A news story from China earlier this year…read this ( and think twice before you criticise YOUR local council for wasting your rates money…
3) Almost through my nostalgic Angel-fest… thought I would share with you my very favourite moment of the show, courtesy of YouTube, when Angel is turned into a hand-puppet by evil magic and confronts his vampire rival Spike…


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  1. […] says we librarians have no sense of humour… oh wait. (Actually, long time readers know I’m a great fan of the passive aggressive note in whatever situation, not necessarily just libraries. Just sort of has a nice poetic sense to it […]

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