May 16, 2007

People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they’re going deaf, it has to be played louder still…

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 Hello everyone! Nice thing about this inter-me-net thing is I can talk, I can listen (visually anyway) and ignore the fact that I can’t actually HEAR anything in the real world at the moment… everything sounds sort of like I’m in the bathroom or down the hallway. Fingers crossed that it develops into some sort of virulent eastern influenza the day of my Symposium presentation (which I haven’t started yet!)

In due deference to the fact I haven’t done any work, the Liberry proudly presents to you…the links for what LiberryDwarf has been doing all morning instead of working on her presentation! Yay!

1) In a previous post to the Liberry here, I may have mentioned a penchant for Calvin and Hobbes. Today I bring you the Calvin and Hobbes Searchable Database –  (  Stick in your theme or word, and you’ll be served up C&H cartoons that match the theme from a pool of about 4000…  see what you find (or better yet see if you can work out how its search algorithm works! Dear sweet god I am SUCH a nerd!)

2) From the people who didn’t bring you Guitar Hero and wish they had… it’s ACCORDION HERO!! ( Ignore the Christmassy theme (unless you feel like Christmas in May…at least finish your easter eggs first, really…) choose your hero and follow the screen to become a polka GOD, baby!

3) Crying out for another YouTube clip, not least of all because my posts look a bit bare otherwise, I thought I would share with you, for my mind anyway, my funniest moment of The Simpsons so far this year. As someone who has always been quite vocal in my dislike of the White Stripes, this little section made my day…month…well, year so far, let’s be honest. All hail the Simpsons!


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  1. I remember seeing the advertorial for that particular episode, and it caused me to laugh for quite some time. Thank you.

    Comment by Simon — May 17, 2007 @ 6:41 am

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