May 1, 2007

Why waste time learning (or studying), when ignorance is instantaneous?

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Back at work at night again. Do. Not. Want.

In happier news, I got my car back. Secretly disappointed to see they hadn’t fixed the spot where I scraped the side against the brickwork of my garage when they panel-beat (beated??) the rest of it. The little white vibrator on wheels (not in a good way) is now back with its grateful mummy and daddy.

Enough about me, more about time-wasting! It’s almost time to start studying, 4 weeks of classes left here! Of COURSE you should be procrastinating!!

1) Love numbers? Love useless trivia? At What’s Special About This Number ( find out something special about every number from 0 to 9999. Did you know that 5832 is the cube of the sum of its digits? Ha, I thought not. Admittedly, neither did I. The Liberry is forever a place of learning… see if you can find something for 234 as it’s clearly losing the author a great deal of sleep!

2) If like me, you grew up in the 90’s, you probably secretly long for the good old days of “Talk to the Hand” and “Whatever”. Or possibly for HammerTime, you know, whatever does it for you. Well, my fellow borderline-generation-X-Y-ers, Stop Collaborate and Listen! Take a trip down memory lane – or teach your nieces and nephews to talk like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – at the Slang of the Ninties mini-dictionary. ( That junk is bangin’, I’m crunk bout it!! *rolls eyes*

3) Ever wonder how Persian cats evolved their unique look? Wonder no more, my child, this animation ( has the answer. If you are passionate anti-animal cruelty and devoid of a sense of humour, you won’t like this one. Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.


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