April 10, 2007

“Why did Jesus die?”…”To get to the other side.”

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Happy Easter-slash-Passover, Liberry patrons! Apologies if my crude joke offended, or if you’re the clever student who’s been going around campus adding the above punchline to the Evangelical Students Society’s easter posters…

 Anyway, this week, after far too much chocolate, here are some zany treats of another kind…

 1) Having seen “300” on the weekend am desperate to write the terrible wrongs perpetrated on Ancient Greece. And waste some time! So am bringing you, from the British Museum. In particular, try your hand at the “Challenges” in each section – waste hours matching up the Greek Gods with their pottery images and festivals, or put the daily life objects in the right rooms of the villa! Great fun…also check out ancientrome and ancientindia…

2) If you like e-Books (and boy oh boy I know I do) take a look at – like Project Gutenberg but easier on the eyes. Check out the Edgar Rice Burroughs stuff – go the Chessmen of Mars!

3) Picked this up off another librarian’s blog – again, so very very glad I don’t work with children. Or bread.

What children think of librarians...


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