March 27, 2007

Frustrated boyfriend: “Stop acting stupid!” Frantic girlfriend: “I’m not acting!”

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Happy birthday to me! Now a year older and savouring the delights of tennis…

I am currently preparing for the world’s worst seminar on WCM…*groan* Hands up who else will retch if they see another bad corporate blog or library MySpace? Anyway, in true liberrydwarf fashion I be procrastinatin’ again… enjoy the fruits of my labour.
1) Celebrities say the dumbest things. (Actually, to be fair, Summer on the O.C. says the dumbest things. May she rest in axed-tv-show peace…) Anyway, takes it all down, keeps it in one big happy database so you can feel superior every time Jessica Simpson et al open their mouths and shoot off another corker…

2) If your OED online just doesn’t cut it anymore and your Roget’s is weighing you down, check out VisuWords – check out how your word relates to its parts and synonyms. It’ll even tell you (in nifty colours) what gramatical part of speech it is – no more arguments on LiveJournal over whether nouns have past tenses!!

3) Another YouTube vid to wrap up tonight – Claymation meets biting sarcasm in MST3K’s take on “Gumby – Robot Rumpus”. That squares my breasts!!


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  1. Ha,ha, CelebrityWit…excellent site. And, of course, your YouTube picks are hilarious 🙂 Thank you for filling 45 mins. of my day with random links from your site! Your site has been a wonderful tool in the Art of Procrastination…yet again. Take care!

    Comment by Anne — March 29, 2007 @ 5:09 am

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